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Theresa May
- Party Before Country


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Public Transport : How the SNP missed the Bus

Lewis Macdonald

Programme for Government : speech in debate

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Implications of the European Union Referendum

News from Lewis

Macdonald calls for common sense on offshore safety training

News from Lewis

Closure of Aberdeen fire control room “premature”, says MSP

News from Lewis

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It’s time to focus on the job of investing in our public services

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Broken Promises from the SNP

The SNP Government are letting down both NHS staff and patients.

Childcare Provision

The price of publicly provided holiday care in Scotland is the highest in Britain.

Post-Brexit Action Plan

Government must step up and take action to allay fears and bring stability.

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Scrap the Football Act

Support the proposals by James Kelly MSP to repeal the Act.

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The importance of early intervention cannot be understated.

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