Oil Workers should not have to use redundancy money to repeat training

6 December 2016

North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald has today called on the Scottish Government to support action to make it easier for workers from the oil and gas industry to move into the offshore wind sector.

The call comes as MSPs are due to debate the future of Scotland’s Renewables industry in the Scottish Parliament.

RMT have previously reported that oil and gas workers are being forced to use their redundancy money to repeat training that they have already done so they can make the transition into the offshore wind sector.

Lewis Macdonald said:

“It is deeply frustrating for workers made redundant as a result of the current downturn in oil and gas to be told that their hard-earned offshore safety certificates are not recognised by marine energy employers, even for aspects of the job which are virtually identical in both sectors.

“Safety standards set by Opito in the North Sea are recognised worldwide in offshore oil and gas. Unemployed oil workers who want to make their own transition to renewable energy should not have to spend precious redundancy payments on repeating training they have already done, simply in order to tick a bureaucratic box.”

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