Aberdeen universities hit hardest by budget cuts - Macdonald

Following the announcement of indicative funding grants by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald is warning that budget cuts at the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon’s University will inevitably have an impact on teaching standards and the quality of research.

Speaking ahead of a parliamentary question on the issue in the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 10th March, Lewis Macdonald said today:

“Yet again, Aberdeen has found itself on the receiving end of Scottish Government budget cuts. Aberdeen University and RGU are among the hardest hit higher education institutions in Scotland, facing a 3.9% cut in their budget in 2016/17.

“Inevitably, this will have a damaging effect on the ability of these universities to teach students and to produce world-leading innovative research.

“We have already seen redundancies announced at both Aberdeen University and RGU, and this is as a direct result of the cuts made by SNP Ministers through the Scottish Funding Council.

“Attacking the education of Scotland’s next generation is a short-sighted way to prepare for the future, yet this is exactly what the Scottish Government is doing with these damaging cuts.

“I am asking the Minister in Parliament what assessment the Scottish Government has made of the impact of the planned reductions at Aberdeen University and RGU.

"The SNP need to take responsibility for the cuts they are imposing on our education system, and throughout our other public services.

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