"No calls will be answered within Dundee,” Police Scotland confirm

Police Scotland have now confirmed that, if their plans to close control rooms in Aberdeen and Inverness go ahead, no calls will be answered by the control room in Dundee either.

North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald has now received a reply to questions he asked in parliament last week, and a subsequent letter he sent to SNP Justice Secretary Michael Matheson MSP.

The letter, from a senior in the Contact, Command & Control Division of Police Scotland, confirms that if their plans go ahead “no calls will be answered within Dundee” as all call handling will be undertaken within the “Virtual National Service Centre operating over three locations, namely; Bilston Glen, Motherwell and Govan.”

Lewis said :

"When proposals to close police control rooms first came forward, both the SNP Government and Police Scotland gave the impression that if the control room in Aberdeen closed, the control room in Dundee would stay open.

"They forgot to mention that it would not take any calls from members of the public.

“Those SNP elected representatives in Dundee who welcomed the outcome of this process clearly have some questions of their own to answer.

"Did they know that this outcome was what the Scottish Government has planned?

“The centralisation of police Contact, Command & Control is bad news right across the North and North East, and the SNP appear content to do without local knowledge entirel

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