Decision needs to be made on ARI trauma centre status– Macdonald

North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald is calling on Health Secretary Shona Robison to end the uncertainty about the previously planned network of four major trauma centres in Scotland, including ARI, after it emerged that the SNP Government’s “review” is based on a study which Ministers knew was planned but chose to disregard in making their announcement.

Lewis said:

“The Scottish Government’s announcement in April 2014 of a major trauma network, centred on four hospitals including ARI, implemented the key recommendations of a report by the Major Trauma Oversight Group (MTOG) of NHS Scotland’s National Planning Forum which had input and support from clinicians working in relevant fields.

“From answers to parliamentary questions this week, it appears that the Government's U-turn is based on a mathematical model of trauma care, Geospacial evaluation of systems of trauma care for Scotland, which doesn’t take the geography of Scotland or any other factors into consideration.

“The Health Secretary must not put more faith in a mathematical model than in the evidence and support of major trauma clinicians across Scotland, who backed the initial findings and recommendations of the MTOG group, and the Scottish Government’s decision in 2014.

“She should now confirm that Aberdeen Royal Infirmary will be a future major trauma centre, to allow the NHS in the North and North East to cope with the geographical and medical demands of a widely dispersed population, something which cannot be fully reflected in a mathematical model.

“The proposed U-turn by SNP Ministers poses the biggest threat to the standing of ARI in a generation. They need to act now to confirm that ARI will be a major trauma centre in the future. They must not expect staff or the public in the North East to wait until after the next election before a decision is made.”

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