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Macdonald welcomes retention of Purple Flag status

North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald has tabled a parliamentary motion congratulating Aberdeen Inspired, along with its partners Aberdeen City Council, Police Scotland and Unight, on being awarded Purple Flag status for the third year running.

Aberdeen is the only Scottish city to retain the award, which recognises efforts to promote the safety of visitors and residents at night.

Lewis said today:

“Aberdeen Inspired and all those involved are to be congratulated for retaining Purple Flag status for Aberdeen.

“The city clearly has an innovative and successful approach to making our streets safer at night.

“Unfortunately, one integral part of that approach, the Designated Place run by Alcohol Support, is set to close its doors on April 16th. After that date, those found drunk and incapable on the street will no longer be taken to the safe environment at Albyn House, but will find themselves in A&E or police cells instead.

“Purple Flag status is an asset for the city of Aberdeen, and all those involved in securing the award are to be commended for their hard work.”

Text of motion submitted to Scottish Parliament:

That the Parliament congratulates Aberdeen Inspired and its partners, Aberdeen City Council, Police Scotland and Unight on being awarded Purple Flag status for the third year running; understands that the Purple Flag award recognises towns and cities that provide a vibrant mix of entertainment, while promoting the safety and wellbeing of visitors and local residents; believes that Aberdeen is the only city in Scotland to retain a Purple Flag award thanks to its innovative approach to night time safety, including the Designated Place, run by Alcohol Support Ltd, which offers an alternative to police detention or A&E for those found drunk and incapable on the streets, and commends all those involved in the successful bid to retain Purple Flag status.


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