20 April 2018

The SNP government has scrapped its Oil and Gas Bulletin, Scottish Labour can reveal.

The bulletin was twice published in 2013 and then once in 2014 as part of a failed bid to justify an economic case for independence.

It was only published once – in 2015 – after the independence referendum vote and the oil price crash.

The Office for Statistics Regulation has now confirmed the SNP has no plans to publish a further bulletin.

Scottish Labour said the decision showed the SNP was now “actively disowning” the oil and gas industry.

Scottish Labour’s energy spokesperson Lewis Macdonald said:

“This is a disgraceful decision.

“It shows that not only have SNP ministers given up trying to help the oil and gas industry – but they are now actively disowning it.

“In the run up to the independence referendum, Nicola Sturgeon promised oil revenues of £8billion a year – and the SNP government published the Oil and Gas Bulletin twice in 2013 and once in 2014 in support.

“Since the oil price collapse, we have only had one Bulletin – as long ago as 2015.

That is simply a disgrace.

“With thousands of jobs lost and the industry still in recovery, we need as much information as possible on the state of the North Sea.

“Instead, Nationalist ministers have decided to bury their heads in the sand in an attempt to avoid a political humiliation.

“The SNP should reverse this decision and start helping the oil and gas industry rather than treating it as a political inconvenience.”

"If reports ahead of the publication of the SNP's growth commission are to be believed, the Nationalists no longer plan to use oil and gas in its creative accountancy around independence - it no longer serves the SNP's ends so the industry and workforce suffer the consequences.

"As always with the SNP, a choice between what is good for the Scottish people and what is good for Scottish independence has seen the people lose out.”