More should be done for North Sea - Macdonald

Following the UK Government’s announcement regarding the North Sea oil and gas industry, Lewis Macdonald said today:

“Another £20 million for seismic exploration in the North Sea is good but it does not go far enough, and the UK Government needs to do much more to encourage investment in the UK oil and gas industry.

"Without more support for exploration a sustainable recovery in the industry remains a way off.

“Today’s announcement makes the Scottish Government’s failure to address their responsibilities in relation to the oil jobs crisis even more striking.

“Earlier today, I asked the Energy Minister Fergus Ewing how many jobs have been lost in the oil and gas sector since the downturn and the best he could do was to quote industry estimates of 65,000 job losses which were published in September 2015, over four months ago.

“We know from local reports that many more people have lost their jobs since then, yet the Scottish Government has still produced no assessment of its own of the scale of the crisis.

“This brings into doubt their whole approach to tackling the crisis facing the North East."

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