Caledonian Sleeper delay “unacceptable” - Lewis Macdonald



28 June 2019

Following the announcement that the new Caledonian Sleeper carriages will not be available between Aberdeen and London until September, North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald said:

“The introduction of the new sleeper carriages on services between Aberdeen and London has already been delayed once, and this new setback is simply unacceptable.

“SNP Ministers must hold Caledonia Sleeper operators Serco to account for this latest delay, and penalties must be imposed for their failure to provide the contracted service to the whole of Scotland.

“It is truly shocking that Serco see nothing wrong with announcing that they consider serving the Central Belt to be more important than Aberdeen or the Highlands.

“In this twentieth anniversary week for Holyrood, I would remind SNP Ministers, Transport Scotland and Serco that no-one voted to have a Central Belt Parliament.”

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