Closure of Aberdeen fire control room “premature”, says MSP

North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald today criticised the decision by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to close the Aberdeen fire control room on 8 November, five months before replacement facilities in Dundee are ready to use.

Lewis Macdonald said :

“The SFRS took a bad decision two years ago, when it decided to close the Aberdeen control rooms. To make matters worse, they have now taken the premature step of closing the facility.

“The decision by the SFRS, backed by Scottish Ministers, to close control rooms in Aberdeen and Inverness is yet another example of the SNP’s centralisation agenda, taking vital services away from communities in the north of Scotland.

“It is particularly hard to understand in the case of the Mounthooly building in Aberdeen, which is a new, state of the art facility with more than enough room to expand to cover areas outside Grampian.

“Instead, SFRS have spent large sums of money on a new building in Dundee which they have confirmed today will not even be ready until March next year. Until then, firefighters taking calls from Aberdeen and the North East will be working out of portacabins.

“Given that mistakes in the police control room closure plans may already have cost lives, it seems bizarre that the SFRS are going ahead with their own closures before the new facility is even up and running.

“This is indicative of the SNP’s centralisation agenda, which has seen public services moved from the north of Scotland to costly new centres in the Central Belt. It is communities in the North East and North of Scotland who will pay the price for this SNP obsession.”

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