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AWPR (22 March 2018)

Balfour Beatty told the cabinet secretary that a completion date in late spring would not work. He has now told Balfour Beatty that a completion date in late summer is too aggressive and will not work, and that we should expect completion by late autumn this year. Does Mr Brown recognise that the issue is not just delay after delay from season to season, but the sense that nobody is in charge and that there appears to be no communication between the Government and the contractor, except under the pressure of events? Why are Balfour Beatty and the Government not having conversations and comparing notes on an on-going basis?

Will Mr Brown commit to coming once again to the north-east—he has been there a number of times as the project has been delayed and delayed—and giving absolute certainty to people in the north-east about when the road will be finished? We have heard about delay after delay up to now, but it is absolute certainty that people most need.

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